Welcome to our house.

The Weathervane Cafe was established in 2012 by a husband and wife duo. The shop is situated in a historic carriage house built in 1896 in Denver's cozy uptown neighborhood. The quaint space offers a break from the norm and retreat from the busy city life.

Our menu offers unique options for breakfast & lunch as well as all your craft coffee shop staples.

View our menu here for complete list of offerings.

We also stock our shop pantry with an amazing gift selection. 


weekdays 7-5

weekends 8-5


1725 E. 17th Avenue

Denver, CO 80218




Is this cafe a good place to work? At times, it can be a great place to work on your laptop or study. There are other times (think weekends and weekday lunch) when we are super busy with the lunch crowd and need space for diners and those wanting to socialize. If you’ve been at the cafe for more than 90 minutes and notice that we are at capacity, please either share your table or move on.

Do you offer gluten free items? We sure do! However, due to our small space, we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination.

Can I bring my own food or drink? No. We work hard making food and drinks for everyone to enjoy,

Where can I park? Gilpin, Williams, 17th are all great streets to find parking. It’s usually not too crowded. Never park in any of the parking lots beside the cafe. They belong to our neighbors who will tow ya!

Can I bring my pet? If you have a specifically trained service animal, yes! Please see HOUSE BILL 16-1426

Are you hiring? Please fill out this short application. When we are actively hiring, we will reach out to you first!

Can I order on the phone for pickup? We do offer this service for food only and if you are about 15 minutes out from pickup. See our menu for phone number and info.

More questions? We’d love to hear from you. Email us here.